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Game Of Thrones Tour Special Offer

To celebrate the return to filming of Game Of Thrones season 8 to Northern Ireland we are offering £5 off our Game Of Thrones Filming Locations Tour!

Normally £30 per person we have taken £5 off the tour price. This is a fully guided, all day tour taking in the best of the Game of Thrones filming locations on the beautiful North Antrim coast. Although there are 8 designated stopping points, the tour also weaves past and takes in other well known parts of Westeros & Essos.


Stops include :


Carrickfergus Castle

Carrickfergus Castle Game Of Thrones Tour - Travel Ireland Coaches


A medieval castle as impressive and memorable as any in found in Westeros!  The sieges, the murders and the executions carried out here all connect this incredible piece of medieval architecture directly to the series!


Carnlough Village – Canal Steps in Braavos

Braavos Game Of Thrones Tour - Travel Ireland Coaches


The Canal at Carnlough Harbour is where Arya Stark was repeatedly stabbed by the Waif  (S6E7 The Broken Man). Arya then jumps into the freezing water (of course it is) to escape and crawls up the steps into the streets of Braavos.


Cushendun Caves – Stormlands Cave

Stormlands Game Of Thrones Tour - Travel Ireland Coaches


Tucked away on an elevated beach in the Village of Cushendun are the Cushendun Caves. This cove in the Stormlands is where the unforgettable scene (S2E4 Garden of Bones) between Melisandre and Davos takes place. Here she had the shadow baby that ultimately kills Renly.


Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle Game Of Thrones Tour - Travel Ireland Coaches


This now-ruined medieval castle was the inspiration for many local fantasy writers! It’s cruel past, the enmity between wealthy families and the ruthless resolution of disputes gives Dunluce castle more than a passing resemblance to “the Dreadfort” or “Harrenhal”!


Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway Game Of Thrones Tour - Travel Ireland Coaches


The Giants Causeway is Northern Ireland’s very own “Eighth wonder of the World.”  No eloquent description will ever do it justice!  Only seeing it is believing. The Giants and Fairies that inhabit this area in Irish mythology make their Game of Thrones equivalents look more like Darby O’Gill and the little people.


Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge Game Of Thrones Tour - Travel Ireland Coaches


This area is one of the most naturally stunning of all the sites used in Northern Ireland. The rope bridge plays a major part in a series characters storyline. Although not compulsory, for those who wish to cross the bridge there is one requirement; courage!


Larrybane – The Stormlands & Nagga’s Hill, Old Wyk

Stormlands & Old Wyk Game Of Thrones Tour - Travel Ireland Coaches


Larrybane is one of the most scenic locations along the Causeway Coast. It is home to massive sea walls which tower over turquoise waters that violently beat against an ice aged sea cave. It’s also where Brienne beat Ser Loras in a tournament. Where she is given a place in Renly’s Kingsguard. And where Renly swore to Lady Stark he would avenge Ned Stark’s death (S2E3 What is Dead May Never Die). Later on (S2E5 The Ghost of Harrenhal) it’s where Renly meets his fate by Melisandre’s shadow baby. Where Margaery confides to Littlefinger that she desired to be “the queen”. And where Davos tries to tell Stannis about the shadow baby.

The location was also used for the Kingsmoot, the gathering of the houses of the Iron Islands to choose a new king after Balon’s death. While Yara, Balon’s daughter, is the first to proclaim the throne, her uncle Euron ultimately wins the support of the crowd (S6 E5 The Door).


The Dark Hedges – The Kings Road

The King's Road Game Of Thrones Tour - Travel Ireland Coaches


This picturesque natural phenomenon is known as the Dark Hedges. It’s where Arya Stark fled King’s Landing dressed as a boy accompanied by Yoren, Gendry and Hot Pie (S2E1 The North Remembers).



We use smaller coaches which enables us to visit the more intimate locations. For this reason we strongly recommend booking early to guarantee your seat. This is the ‘real’ Game of Thrones experience, don’t miss out, book online now @

This tour operates every day. It is also available as a private tour for smaller groups. For further details and prices on private group tours simply give us a call on +44 (0)28 9077 2180 or email us at