Mercedes-Benz Touring

The pinnacle of luxury touring vehicles, our 3 Mercedes-Benz Touring coaches have been bespoke built for maximum comfort. Each offer super comfortable leather seating with spacious layout throughout which compromises of four tables each with four seats, all of which have plenty of legroom. Tables are marble with four drinks holders. What is impressive is the space, nothing seems cramped, and you would easily forget you are travelling on a coach.

All tables have Air conditioning and extra lighting options above your head and USB & electrical sockets an arms reach away beside your seat. The tinted glass is blackout throughout; however, the clarity from inside is without distraction so that you won’t miss a thing during your journey. If however, you wish too, each area also has a curtain that can be used to cover each window — the remaining seating compromises of 4 double seats with the same impressive legroom and personal space. Throughout the cabin, be presented with pristine conditions from the carpet to the soft moleskin finish above your head.

The cabin is cooley lit with a neon blue lighting system, reflecting on the cabin floor to the roof, that will relax any passenger. Each passenger will have space above for personal belongings which are large enough for travel bags or even small suitcases; however, most of your luggage can be stored in compartments at the side of the vehicle. All seats are fitted with over the shoulder, car-like seat belts for your comfort and safety. The back of each vehicle has both a toilet (which is clean both and spacious and a fridge. The area is finished with a sleek grey/black wood effect that compliments the rest of this extraordinary vehicle. Travel Ireland have 3 of these vehicles available.

Keeping with the goal of luxury and total comfort, the Mercedes Touring is the best choice for the decerning group who are looking for an unforgettable, luxurious transportation option. This vehicle is perfect for Private golf tours, corporate events, airport transfers and anyone wanting to go above and beyond with their travel arrangements.