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World Architecture Day

Created in 2005 by the Union International des Architects (UIA), World Architecture Day is a day to show appreciation for the work architects do and to celebrate some of the great global architectural works. Who would have thought.

Architecture is incredibly important and architects have the potential to shape all of our lives through their hard work. In addition, architecture plays an essential role in planning for the future, sustaining population growth and tackling a number of social problems.

Events are held in different locations every year, bringing architects, engineers, planners and developers together to showcase their work, discuss future projects, debate current issues and plan new business ventures.

For those who do not work within the field of architecture, take a look at some of the impressive buildings we have listed below. Let us know if there are any others out there that deserve merit or even a hidden gem.



The Palm House

The Palm House Belfast - Travel Ireland Coaches


The Palm House is found at the entrance way of the Botanic Gardens, and houses many tropical plants. However, it’s true elegance is its architectural design given the fact that it was one of the first greenhouses to be constructed out of glass and iron. It is also proof of the technology that bloomed during the Victorian period.



Ulster Museum

The Ulster Museum - Travel Ireland Coaches


Not only is the Ulster Museum an architectural gem in itself, the museum offers a large array of artifacts from the Spanish Armada for guests to browse through. It features a local history session so that you can view the actual history of the city and a special exhibit that features mementos from the Titanic. Everything from weapons to money, brooches and Irish animals are on display.



St. Anne’s Cathedral

St. Anne's Cathederal - Travel Ireland Coaches


If you are in search of a Romanesque cathedral you need look no further than St. Anne’s Cathedral. It was originally built in 1776 as a basilican type of cathedral and features 5 spires that tower over the skyline of Belfast city centre.

A mosaic ceiling graces the baptismal chapel and everywhere you look there are stained glass windows, carved stonework, delicate woodwork, and marble tiling. It is truly breathtaking and remarkably well preserved.



Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast - Travel Ireland Coaches


Of course, for all things Titanic guests need to make sure to stop at the very daunting and impressive Titanic Belfast. The landmark building is constructed of steel and hard to miss. Inside it houses nine exhibitions that are completely interactive including a replica Titanic tender titled the SS Nomadic: visitors can pay an extra attraction fee for a tour.



Belfast Castle

Belfast Castle - Travel Ireland Coaches


Finally, a visit to Belfast is not complete until you visit a castle, and Belfast Castle is well worth a short side trip. It is located about four miles outside of the city and has been carefully preserved since the 14th century. Plan your visit right and you may be able to partake in one of the many annual events at the castle. Also worth exploring around the castle are its onsite restaurant and the Adventure Playground.